5 Tips to Grow Your Customers-base Through Referrals

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If you are truly giving quality services to your customers, then be bold to ask them for referrals.

This is because there are no better salespeople than a satisfied customer.

I have referred the preschool my children attended to a number of parents because of the excellent care and attention my wife and I received from the school management.

And of course, we saw for the money we paid per session.

The first thing I noticed about the proprietress of the school is her deep passion for children and the fact that she just wants them to turn out well.



Who is a satisfied customer?


Every business desires to grow its customer base consistently. Leveraging on referrals from the existing customers makes this possible.

You have a right to ask for referrals if you have genuinely added value to your customers.

If your product offering stays true to your brand promise then your ‘bragging rights’ are fully endorsed.

It is true that human nature reciprocates the gesture of value addition but most times customers would remain passive until you deliberately request for referrals.


1. Initiate the request

It may never cross their minds until you initiate it or they may think you have your strategy all set and you know how to get by with growing your customer base. The fact is that you can not leave it to chance.

To generate new leads on a consistent basis, sales referrals is a viable option.

Customers are less apprehensive when a product is referred to them by a friend or colleague.



2. Connect with your customers

This is further validated by research conducted by Nielson company where they found out that 92% of people rely on the opinion of family and friends to make a buying decision.

On a personal level, I am more comfortable doing business with someone that was referred to me than someone that I met out of the blues.


The interaction process is faster when the introduction comes through a known contact.


3. Turn them into Advocates

When a customer refers others to your brand, they are enhancing the rate at which the Know, Like and Trust (KLT) factors will be communicated to others.

They become an advocate for others to understand your value proposition.

In the true sense of the word, your customers are a huge asset to the success of your business.



4. Set  referrals generation target

Make it part of your business strategy: There should be specific goals on the number of referrals you hope to generate from your customers on a regular basis.

Include the request in your conversation as you interact with them.

While they are complimenting you for the fabulous service, thank them for the feedback and put forward your request for other customers.


5. Create shareable links for referrals

As you build your mailing list include a link that can be forwarded to others and remind them to forward it to those that might be interested in your value proposition.

Be creative based on your business model but by all means leverage on your existing customers.



Don’t be shy….just ask!

What’s your take on this?









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