Do you know your products? My first Sales pitch in Technology Products

Do you know your products

My first sales pitch in technology products was quite remarkable.

I was literally struggling to explain to the customer what the product is about. Of course, I had read up the features and the benefits before stepping out. But, being on the field most times may usually not pan out the way you expect.

So I met this prospective customer who started asking several questions, far from what I was told the product can do.

The sales pitch turned out to be an interview session.

I found myself in the ‘hot’ seat struggling to communicate and adequately respond to all enquiries made as regards the product.

I was just praying that the session would wrap up as fast as possible so I can run back to the office and do the needful.

Somehow, I survived the ‘onslaught’ of questions and I quickly concluded and thanked them for the opportunity to make the presentation.

It was very evident that I did not have a full understanding of the product I was trying to sell.

This experience taught me that in selling software the first step in persuasion is product knowledge.j

You should know your product so well that the customer will have no doubt in the ability of your product delivering what was promised.

Having sufficient knowledge of your products or services will enhance your conversation with the customer. You will be able to easily explain the relevance of your offerings to their business needs. It will foster communication.

It’s important not just to ‘talk’ with the customer but to ‘communicate’. If the customer is not asking enough question or probably not engaged there’s a probability that the knowledge of your product or services has not been sufficiently communicated.

The customer will know if you are excited about the product or not and if your enthusiasm is not visible enough it will create an opportunity for scepticism. For you to sell a product you ought to be convinced that it will deliver whatever has been promised.

According to a research carried out by Marshal Fisher in partnership with Expertcity, investing in training to improve product knowledge increases sales performance by over 123%

You may not be able to successfully sell any product if you cannot clearly state how that product will provide the needed solution to the customer’s problem. Although, product knowledge is not all that’s required for being successful in sales.

Customers are not out there to buy your products just because it is the newest fad in town (though some may follow the bandwagon), they want to know how that product or service will address an existing pain point in their business or personal lives.

So, the question is – Do you know your product? Or you think you know about your product?

The unbiased umpire is the customer.

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