How To Sustain Momentum In Life and Business For The Year 2020

How To Sustain Momentum In Life and Business For Year 2020

Did you notice the excitements all over the world on the first day of January 2020?

It was a colourful morning with jubilation and celebration everywhere.

The joy of being presented with another 365days!

Where you excited as well?

I’m sure you stepped into the new year with loads of dreams and goals that you’ve planned to accomplish.

Did you find time to write them down as well?

How To Sustain Momentum In Life and Business For Year 2020

If not, grab a pen and a notebook and think on paper right away!

However, it’s possible that a lot started happening faster than you think. By your estimation, you were hoping to have started ticking off some goals.

Or you think it’s too early?

No one can define how early or late it is for you. It’s your goals that you give a response to that question.

If there is no timeline written, then you don’t yet have goals, but if some dates in January were stated and the goals are yet to be accomplished, then you need to review your plans.

Whatever the case may be, don’t lose steam on your momentum to have an incredible time in your life and business this 2020.

I’ve got 3 suggestions that would be of help to you:


1. Stay Committed To Focus

How To Sustain Momentum In Life and Business For Year 2020

Is it possible to be immune against distractions?

I don’t know of anyone that was never faced with opportunities to be distracted.

That is it, interaction most of the time are within your control.

You can choose not to be distracted. Focus, they say creates blindness.

There are really no neutral grounds, you are always focused on certain things at different times, but what really matters right now is that your attention is fixed on the goals you itemised to accomplish this year.

To stay committed to focusing means that you are going to have to decide to avoid distractions at all times. 


2. Surround Yourself With The Right Set of People

How To Sustain Momentum In Life and Business For Year 2020

The set of people you associate with can affect the accomplishment of your goals.

Quit hanging out with the naysayers, they will eventually bring you to their level of thinking. Clearly, they cannot see what you envision, so don’t be surprised if they attempt talking you out of it.

Being intentional in selecting the set of friends you share your aspirations with. Their level of energy in getting things done must be different.

Your association will definitely affect your pace, so choose wisely. 

Look out for events where people of like-minds are gathering and attend. You will get more inspiration and energised with the conversations in the room.



3. Connect Your Goals With Emotional Benefits


How To Sustain Momentum In Life and Business For Year 2020

Don’t just set goals in isolation, tie it to the desired end.

Connect them to a compelling emotional benefit.

This is where your “WHY” comes in.

You must have a reason that connects with your emotion. It will give you the tenacity to persevere when it seems nothing is working.

For example, is it possible that you have been looking forward to travelling on vacation?

Is it possible that when you make more money it would be easy to travel?

How about weight loss?

If you keep at it with a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise, is it likely you achieve the desired weight of your dreams?

Let these expectation keep you moving.



If discouragement is setting in, then it’s time to remind yourself again on the reasons you wanted to win in life and business this year.

Your ‘why’ must be very compelling.

Your desired end must fill up your imagination.

Don’t let go until you achieve those goals.




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