Running away from customers’ excesses

Customer Service

It’s funny most times.

We put a lot of effort into building our customer base.

We get so nice, bending over backwards to attend to their requests, but immediately we get them in, we begin to complain about their excesses.

Truth be told, if you are going to be in business, you’ve got to be ready to take all sorts of ‘BS’ (including the money of course).

Customer engagement is not going to be all rosy.

But trust me if you are able to handle the situation well, you will end up with a set of highly committed and forever loyal customers.

You, therefore, cannot joke with your processes.

Do you have a clear operational process?: The customer will eventually find out if your processes are not well coordinated. This has nothing to do with the size of your business. If you can not handle your process with just 5 customers, coordinating 100 customers will be difficult. The process has to be seamless and consistent across all cadre of customers.

Do you have a well-organised customer database?: The details of your clients should not be stored in your head but properly documented. Prospective customers should have a separate list different from your existing customers. Growing an email list will help make this more presentable.

Do you have standards and quality control parameters?: There has to be consistency in your service delivery and customers’ experience has to align with your brand promise

When was the last time you carried out a feedback survey?: Feedback gives a lot of insight into what needs to be reviewed, adjusted and improved upon. Allow your customers to have the liberty to express their views about your products.

Building a company that will stand the varying challenges of the economy and withstand competition is a serious business.

You’ve got to put some thoughts in your processes.

Stop thinking small if you want to build a conglomerate.

Think like a multinational.

How will you react if you found stone grains in a sachet of any beverage of your choice?

Do you see your company any different in terms of quality of service?

Learning to be patient with the customer is a sure-proof way of retaining them and turning them to brand ambassadors.

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