How To  Grow Your Sales  

Consistently Online & Offline

Tired of Having These Annoying Problems?

  • Attracting the wrong set of customers.
  • Attracting more people that are interested but do not have enough money to buy.
  • Getting a lot of ‘likes’ on your post but nobody is actually buying.
  • Making sales just once in a while.

Sales Growth Session

Hi, I’m  Tope  Olufiranye. I help business owners grow their sales and retain their customers

Does This Sound Familiar?

You believe strongly in your business idea, you were going to make money, take care of yourself and your family.

You have tried different ways to market and sell your products. You have tried to sell using different social media platforms.

You have tried using different means to create awareness for your product.

There’s only one problem…Nobody buys your product. Nobody pays for your service. You constantly get people showing interest but the same set of people will also say they don’t have money…

It has been very frustrating…

How does it make you feel not to be able to achieve your true business aspiration which you definitely know it’s possible?

How does it make you feel when you know you have a fantastic business but the only set of people speaking with you are the ones without money?

How frustrating is it to always look for the next customer? How do you feel after making a sales and you are not sure when the next customer will come from?

I can relate very well with your  experience…

I have  seen businesses with great products and fantastic solutions but with little or no sale.

I have seen businesses struggling to get the next customers.

I have seen businesses closing up because of poor sales.

If Your Product  Is  Seen As  A Solution, It will Be Demanded By More People  Online & Offline

Every potential customer are ready to part away with money when they see a solution packaged in a product. They want their problems solved!

This is why I have  decided to help business owners


​This is a one-on-one sales coaching for your business.

We will review the current  state of things with your sales and create winning strategies that will grow your sales online an offline.

We will achieve the following 

sales growth sessionSale Growth Session

  1. Clearly Define Your Target Market

  2. Create  A Customer Persona For Your Business

  3. Set Up Your Social Media Channels

  4. Optimize Your Social Media Channels

  5. Create A Strategy To Help You Grow Your Sales

What People Are Saying About Tope’s Coaching Sessions

“Tope is an excellent Sales Coach that’s passionate about getting results. I worked with him at a time when there was a recession in the country and we needed to sell training services. He was able to develop for my team winning strategies that helped us sell and exceed the target for that period.If you need someone to help you grow your sales, Tope is the coach to work with.

Gbenga Adeleke
– Account Management Specialist

“Working with Tope brought a great turn around to our customer base. Prior to engaging his services, our company was going through a tough time in selling consistently. He helped us develop strategies that brought in customers to buy our service offerings on a monthly basis. He is an experienced sales coach that every team should engage”

Mariose Ighagbon-Amarikwa
– Managing Consultant

Your Investment

The Sales Growth Session is a one-one-one personalised session.

I will be working with you online to review and strategise on how you can grow your sales.

Here is everything you are getting…

  1. Clearly Define Your Target Market
  2. Create A Customer Persona For Your Target Market
  3. Set Up Your Social Media Channels
  4. Optimise Your Social Media Channels
  5. Create A Strategy To Help You Grow Your Sales

You get access to this

2-weeks coaching session for just N30,000 only!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

Another Testimonial

“I   attended one of the training session facilitated by Tope on how to use digital skills to advance one’s business and career. The practical insight I got from the training has helped me tremendously. He taught us how to leverage different digital marketing tools in promoting our businesses. I was able to gain a better understanding of applying this knowledge in growing my business and career.

Tope is an exceptional trainer on sales and marketing for business.we have a second testimonials section, right after the purchase section. Now that we’ve asked the reader to pull the trigger, they might feel some resistance and testimonials can help reassure them.”

Ojo Samasa
– Student Representative
Tope Olufiranye

Business Development Expert

About the Author

Tope is a Business Development Consultant, A trainer, An Author and a Digital Marketing Professional.

He leverages digital technology to help clients develop actionable ideas, in growing their businesses and retaining their customers.

In his  previous roles with different organisations, he has successfully led different teams and deployed various strategic sales and marketing and techniques to achieve the business objectives.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Sales Growth Session?

It is a one-on-one coaching session to help you review the current challenges in your online and offline sales and develop winning strategies to grow you sales.

What Is The Cost & How Long Is The Programme?

The cost is N30,000

The Duration is 2- weeks

What Should I Expect After The Session?

Expect to be given winning sales strategies that will greatly improve your sales.

When Does The Programme Start?

The programme starts as soon as you make payment. It is a personalised service.

Where Is The Venue?

All meetings will hold online. We will be using tools such as Skype, Zoom, Whats app. 

What Are Your Contact Details?

You can contact me via:


WhatsApp Only: +2347038335333

P.S.: Don’t miss out of this opportunity to get coached by an experienced expert. The current price for this programme is for a very limited time-period, it will soon be reviewed upwards.

Signup immediately and let’s help grow your sales.

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