• Customers are very crucial to the continued existence of any business, they guarantee revenue inflow on a consistence basis.
  • Customer service should not be restricted to just a particular unit the entire team should be involved.
  • Participants will learn how to manage difficult customers and situations
  • Managing customers is therefore very crucial to the survival of an organisation


  • Defining and understanding customer expectations
  • How to identify customer needs
  • Defining quality standards in service delivery
  • Nurturing customer relationship
  • Useful tools in engaging customer relationship
  • Customer Recovery Model
  • Handling angry and difficult customers


  • Participants will know how to engage customers for the long term
  • Participants will understand how to respond to customers complaints
  • How to turn an existing customer into a brand ambassador
  • understand the concept of value selling
  • Participant will be able to qualify sales opportunities
  • They will also be able to identify customer needs


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