• It is a known fact that the numbers of people online as significantly increased
  • We are living in a digital era so we have more people than ever before using the internet
  • Proactive organisations and brands therefore needs to actively equip their team with the required skill set in navigating the online  market space
  • The training is practical based and it will equip the participants with the requisite skills to  help improve online lead generation  and customer engagement
  • The process gaining visibility on the internet will be taught in the course of the training



  • Understanding Digital Marketing
  • How to apply Search Engine Optimisation to the business
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Understanding and Applying Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing in Customer Engagement
  • Analytics: how to measure the online engagement
  • Strategy: How to design an effective strategy for your business

Learning Outcome

  • Participants will learn how to implement digital marketing strategies
  • Participants will understand the different digital marketing tools and their various applications
  • Participants will learn how to use various  social media platforms to  create an engaging experience  for the customer
  • Participants will learn how to measure their digital marketing efforts


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