• Competition is getting more intense, therefore for an organisation to stand out it is important that market research is  conducted on a regular basis
  • A training in Market Research will equip the team with  the adequate skills to draw insights from customers engagement
  • This required to enable the organisation to assess the current needs and preferences of their target market.
  • Market research will provide the needed insight on product development, preferences in terms of product offerings, competitive analysis, and other useful information that will aid the execution of the overall strategy.


  • Introduction to Market Research (Primary & Secondary Market research)
  • Sampling and Recruitment
  • Defining quality standards in service delivery
  • Focus groups
  • Surveys
  • Basic Data Analysis for Research
  • Overview of Market Research Types

Learning Outcome

  • Participants will understand the meaning of Market Research and how to apply them to their business objectives
  • The participants will understand how to organise a Focus group discussion and the interview process
  • The participant will understand the fundamentals of data Analysis
  • They will be able to apply Market Research to their industry


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