When last did you check on your customer

You’ve probably heard this before ‘Customers pay the bills’. They pay for the goods and services created by business organisations and this in turn produces revenue. However, every customer has preferences; they will only pay for what met their needs.

As a business owner, understanding what your customers want is the first step, this is called Market Research. And subsequently you have to frequently check up on them; this is called Relationship Management. Selling to your prospective buyers on a one-off basis will never lead to sustained revenue stream. Checking on your customers entails:

  1. Feedback:getting to find out what your customer feels about your product and services is very important if you want them to keep buying from you. Don’t sell what you like, sell what your customer want; and do this all the time
  2. Value added selling:Add value to your products and services. Give your customers additional value, this may be in form of additional information, educating them on the products beyond what they know
  3. Frequent buyers:this is to encourage regular buyers, rewarding their loyalty in form of incentives and other promotions.

Keeping in touch with your customers will guarantee the continued existence of your business.

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